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Diamond Engagement Ring Close Up Photo by Chris Gardiner Photography www.cgardiner.ca

At this point in my life, I have been a part of many weddings in a number of different capacities. It's just one of the reasons that make me different than most other wedding photographers out there. As a child I was the ring bearer in family weddings, as I entered my early working days of restaurant cooking, I would cater out, or have weddings in banquet halls I had worked for, and now I continue that by bringing lasting photos to those lucky newlywed couples to cherish for the rest of their years. I couldn't be happier to be a part of it either and I appreciate each one for exactly what it is, a day of love, and the opportunity to create images which will carry on throughout the generations in those families.

It's that same multi-faceted experience I bring that allows me to make sure I capture everything at your wedding and approach each one confidently with the attention it deserves. Because your wedding is unique, I have put the option of customizing your photography and video coverage options into your hands. Instead of me telling you about "packages" I have, I'd rather you tell me about the package you want, and then I'll make do my best to make exactly that happen for you!

My goal is to capture every aspect of your wedding using all of the visual tools I have at my disposal, in order to arrive at a clean and well composed finished product that is exactly what you will have been hoping for from your photography and video coverage at your wedding. I use a little bit of everything for each wedding from flash photography to natural light, HDR editing, to split or duo-toned images, wide angle views, to long distance zooms. I aim to capture every wedding in every angle, every light possible. I never outsource my work. If you book me, I will be the one photographing your wedding. I always work with a second shooter so I can guarantee that second angle, sometimes even more than that when the coverage requires it. I travel for weddings, to other cities, to other provinces, to other countries or other continents.

If I sound like the type of hardworking and personable photographer you want at your wedding, don't hesitate to contact me! And definitely visit the gallery if haven't already!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy my work and your little glimpse into the special moments I've captured for many different families at their wedding celebrations.


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