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I've worked with clients big and small, locally and abroad. I have an extensive portfolio and varied body of work. Please see some of that which I've shared below.

Collingwood Real Estate Photography

A complete range of custom services for real estatate photography and visual marketing including, floor plans, video and virtual tours, matterport, iGuide, aerial drone views, for Collingwood, Georgian Bay and Blue Mountains areas.

Collingwood Wedding Photography Services

Wedding photography, videography and live streaming for Collingwood and Blue Mountains area with a variety of packages and options for bright, beautiful wedding photos.

Local Collingwood Stock Video

Providing local Stock Footage for licensing across a variety of projects, delivery methods, and end uses. Also available for camera and full production services with live streaming..

Stock Footage
Photography and Design Related Blog Articles

I enjoy writing about photography, video and art. There are over 200 photo and video related articles on the blog with lots of pictures to go with it. Pleaes enjoy reading about photography and design.

3D Design and Rendering Services in Collingwood

A look at my 3D modelling and computer generated imaging work. I use 3d rendering for VFX in my video work, virtual staging for real estate and architectural and interior design renderings.

3D Design

The perfect compliment to a well planned party is a party photobooth.(under construction)

Affordable Web Design Services in Collingwood

Custom clean and functional website designs that tell your story and represent your brand day and night. A perfect addition to your complete marketing package. A thorough knowledge of both the design and technical aspects of creating and hosting websites with your own custom email addresses and more, at great hosting rates from reliable providers.

Web Design
Collingwood Fine Art Prints

A selection of local photography featuring some of the areas most known views available in a variety of print sizes and finishes, on demand and made custom to order for you.

Collingwood Scenics
Collingwood Drone Services

Providing drone and video services compliant with Transport Canada guidelines since 2017. See more information at

Drone Photography
Collingwood Videographer Services

Full service video production capabilities, contributing to short films, advertising, area stock, 3D VFX and more.

Video Services
Outsource your Editing

Complete photo, video and design editing and completion services for creative professionals local and abroad.

Outsource Editing

About My Work

Chris Gardiner Professional Experience

Welcome to the website for my photo, video and design services. My work is quite varied, so I will do my best to outline the most notable points below, working backwards from the present. And if you don't care to read about it, just skip to where you can decide which kind of pictures you want to look at, below;

Currently living in Central Ontario for the last year. Currently, I am in Grey County's quiet rural countryside in a Century Farmhouse on an acreage - for this reason, the majority of work I currently enjoy doing involves travel to one place or another, whether its 40 minutes, 4 hours, or 4000 kilometers. I have called many cities and provinces across Canada my home for some time or another which has allowed me to work on a greater variety of projects than I would, having lived in any one location for the duration. Luckily, my wife Stephanie and I both love to travel, so we try to make it easy to hire our services from afar. When I am not traveling for work, I am telecommuting as a freelancer via the internet to work for clients all over the world, or working on personal projects taking place entirely in my own office or studio.

The last year has been a transitional one adjusting to life in Ontario after a prolonged 10 year stint in Canada's western provinces. Recent work in that time has included ; many weddings acting on both photography and videography capacities including photo and video for a destination wedding to Mexico. I have been working on a large 10 month project so far for a client's personal fitness application which involved 4000kms, hours of filming, editing of +300 individual exercise demonstrations, promotional videos and hundreds of hours and working with celebrity athletes. It is certainly one of my biggest and most exciting commercial projects to date. On top of that, I've also been connecting with realtors in my new area for property photography, and more heavily than before, I am transitioning into a lot of video services including micro-stock footage, and selling my work via online platforms, globally. Also related to video, I've been operating rink side professional video cameras at Skate Canada events across Ontario. Aside from that, there have been a lot of personal and non wedding related portrait sessions of course, website design, and other more internet specific endeavours. I even collected my first paycheck from my Amazon Kindle E-book. I love to keep my options open, and this is exactly the type of variety I like to see in my workload.

In previous years, my workload has been even more dynamic. I've captured international celebrities on stage and backstage on many occasions, I've shot for and been published by tourism magazines, locally and abroad. My stock footage has found its way onto national television. I've captured grand openings, special events, with well known Canadian business people, politicians, olympians, and musicians. I have written articles on photography related topics, for my own blog and others. I have been the official event photographer for numerous sporting events. I have had a regular and successful shopfront for prints, and other hard copy photos at a weekly crafter and farmer's market. I have outsourced my video and photo editing services to people around the world. And so much more. If you want to see a list of previous clients - please head over to the clients page, and if you visit my LinkedIn profile, you can see a comprehensive list of what tasks some projects have consisted of.

I don't normally talk about myself so much, but I also know that most photographers and videographers don't have a range of experience like I do, so I wanted to make sure I communicated that effectively, here if no where else.

When it comes to what I look for in my work; I like to have sharpness and detail in my subject. I do enjoy using extra lighting to place more emphasis on my subject, but also know great available light when I see it too. I like to show the true colors I perceive, and I enjoy emphasizing those colours. I try to move around when I shoot so I get a variety of angles and perspectives on the same subject. All in all, my style is definitely unique.

Thank you for taking time to read about my work.


My Work is Worldwide

Just a small look at some of the places you'll find my work in print, and online from worldwide clients.