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This website template has been provided by TEMPLATED.CO under a creative commons attribution license. Originally available under the name "Monochromed Template". has prepared functional responsive website layouts for free use, as I am doing now, provided all users follow the terms of a Creative Commons by Attribution License.

The website template has been modified from its original form and workings by Chris Gardiner. All content (written and photo, video or other multi media) added above and beyond the initial template available from is Copyright 2004 - 2016 by Chris Gardiner and Chris Gardiner Photography. All rights are reserved.

Other portions of this website have been designed and coded by affiliates of TEMPLATED.CO - They are equally high quality and provide a large selection of designs to suit most any need.

The Original Template images were initially included courtesy of Unsplash under a CC0 license - public domain.

The photos found on this website are all property of Chris Gardiner and all rights are reserved. If photos or videos are not original content created exclusively by Chris Gardiner or Chris Gardiner Photography, it will be expressed. All logos and trademarks of websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Blogger, etc, are all the property of their respective owners. In no way am I affiliated with, or endorsed by any such brands and am simply a user of their platform, and sharing my location on that platform.

This is the fourth release of the Chris Gardiner Media website since 2009. The first one not personally coded from the ground up.