About Chris Gardiner

Thanks for taking a moment to read about myself, the photographer, designer and all around creator of digital assets. If you want to see more about my work history and experience, than about me - the person - then you should check out "My Work" section.

Who am I? I am a proud Canadian. I was born and raised in the GTA (thats the Greater Toronto Area) and moved away at 19 for Canada's first national park, Banff. I quickly left the things I loved about the city behind and fully embraced the outdoor culture of the Rocky Mountains. Up until this time, I had no real interest in photography. I was always a fan of visual arts, from my pre digital days with pens, pencils, charcoals, paints, pastels, and so much more, to working with CAD in high school, and other more digital designs including some dabbling in coding, and illustrating. It was the mountains that first drove me to learn more about using a camera. I was seeing these amazing scenes on a daily basis, scenes which people from around the world spend thousands on visiting, and months in waiting for. I wanted to capture these scenes to relive those moments I had while experiencing such awe inspiring vistas.

I spent 5 years in Lake Louise, working as a hotel chef and "living the dream" as they'd say. During my time cooking there, something in me decided I didn't want to have someone other than myself deciding on my 40 or more hour a week schedule for the rest of my life, and that was the birth of my transition into professional photography, video and design. In the years that followed, I moved back to Ontario for a short time, and although I worked on some great, and unique projects for the time, the mountains were calling, and I'd be back in the west before I knew it. I decided to make Kelowna, BC my new home. An ideal location in the British Columbia interior. Has mountains of its own, yet particularly mild weather in the valley winters and downright perfect summer weather indefinitely. It had the small town feel I liked about Banff but a good mix of the city amenities I grew up with. And it was a photographer's dream. There was a lot of stuff going on in the area, and was such a central location that trips to the coast, or to deeper mountains weren't ever out of the question. Kelowna allowed my professional photography to flourish and adapt into more design and video related services as well.

I am now living back in the motherland of Ontario for the last year and it has been the best transition I could have ever dreamed of and already accomplished so much. I use "I" a lot, but truthfully, its usually more like "we". During my time in Lake Louise in 2008, I met Steph. We were both from Ontario and so we moved back together. That was our first cross country move, and the two more that followed (to Kelowna and back again) only strengthened our relationship even more. As of two months ago, September 2015, we are happy to announce that we got married.

After 'getting our footing' after our move back to Ontario, we are now happily living in the Town of Collingwood. A beautiful town on the shore of Georgian Bay. We have a new arrival to the family, baby Elliot who also plays the part of our captive model. Steph is enjoying her maternity leave, and I keep my nose into all sorts of projects, from telecommuting, to working for local clients, and making business trips for far away clients, I like doing it all. Even when I have free time, even if its not work related, I still like to keep a camera in hand - its not just work, its not just a hobby, its a passion. We like to spend our time taking road trips, seeing new things, getting out on bicycles, snowboards, snowshoes. I'd rather have a barbecue at home than eat at a restaurant - but hey if you had my professional cooking experience, you probably would too. I'd rather have a great, talkative campfire with a few close friends than a loud night a busy club. Together, Steph and I enjoy a good night of tenting under the stars. We are animal people. I like a good stand up comic more than any average reality tv show, but I tend to avoid tv all together. I truly enjoy the work I do. Using my hands. Creating things. Anything. And when you hire my services, or even show interest as you are now by reading this, you are supporting me in my passion for creating art - Thank you!

So basically, that is who I am. Thanks for reading, and maybe by now you've decided whether or not I seem like the right freelancer to work with you on your next big project! Otherwise, take a look at the work I've done, and the gear I use to do it - you'll see I'm 'invested' in what I do, and this is no photography hobbyist you're reading about.